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I missed the earlier comment that the CZ-82 and 83 mags would work, but be a bit long. That's an EASY solution. (And if you want to be a purist, you might be able to find a machinist or metal worker who could shorten one or two of those mags to deal with the cosmetic issue. Sphinx mags, as noted, do appear from time to time.

I'd get some CZ mags and keep my eyes open, in the meantime, and use THEM instead of the factory mag for range time. (Wolff now has springs for the CZ-82/CZ-83 mags, I'm told -- and that has been the problem with those mags: only used one available, and the springs often marginal.)

RE: the stripped set screw... See if you can find an "easy out" for that size screw. (They're also known as "screw extractors".) Some hardware stores would have them. If the end (where the allen wrench fits) is worn but still has some area to insert something into it, an Easy Out tool will dig into what remains of the opening and allow you to back the screw out.

(Easy out's are like drill bits,but done with a reverse twist: tightening them turn the screw in the direction needed to get it out. Harbor Freight has them, and the set shown here may have one small enough for the job.

For something relatively delicate, you can use a set of vice grips on the end of the extractor, and slowing press down as you twist. It'll probably work.

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