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@Aguila- I got my information from a Jeffersonville (IN) police officer, when I asked her to run the serial numbers. It might be a good idea, however, to call ahead and ask if they would be willing to do that, thanks. From what she told me, serial numbers, especially on older smith and wessons, are unique only within the model, and so can sometimes lead to false positives.

While I can see some connection between your story and mine, I think you are comparing apples and oranges. I'm gambling that the gun works as advertised- I just want to make sure I can legally buy it. I am sure you did the same when you sold it- you had to have the vehicle titled in his name. Further, in case you missed it, I am offering MORE MONEY if he goes with me to have it checked out. I know I asking him to jump through a hoop, and I hate asking him to do it. I just want to follow the law.

@TMD- The thought has crossed my mind a few times, but if the gent is willing to do this, then I would love the gun, and have offered to give him more than his asking price. If not, I will probably give him his asking price and hope. The idea of asking for less has thus far been universally panned.

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