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@Sparks: As I have said MULTIPLE times in this thread, the reason I ASKED IF I SHOULD lower the price without the verification is because I feel I have an obligation to find out if the gun is stolen, and if I am taking that risk, should I pay the same as a firearm that I know is legal for me to purchase.

@James: I am glad someone understands what I have been trying to communicate- I am pretty sleep deprived, so I guess I am not being as clear as I should be., I left the seller a voicemail, and have not heard back yet. He is a retired gent I found on Armslist, and we would be meeting halfway anyways. I suggested we meet at the police dept in the city we were planning on meeting in anyways. I do not think this guy has knowingly done anything wrong, but I want to make sure I do not commit any errors of omission by failing to determine the legal status of this weapon.
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