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@Tom- the reason I was asking about the reduced price was because of the increased risk I would be taking in purchasing a gun that might be stolen. If I were to have it checked, and it turns out that it is stolen, the seller has no obligation to refund my money. I say this especially since, when I called in the serial number, it did come up with some possible matches. I have no intention of creating a situation requiring police involvement, but when i was in an auto accident in January, the police removed my pistol from my glove box and kept it in evidence. I am certain they ran the serial number to determine if it had been reported stolen, and would have told me had it been so. I'd like to avoid any circumstances that a firearm that I legally purchase is taken from me because of a previous act of theft.

The reason I ask about the legal quandary is i know that, for some offenses, people have a legal expectation, if not obligation, to make a report (i.e. child abuse). I wasn't sure if this fell into that category. The moral question is more just interesting debate for me.
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