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Thanks. I have seen the used barrels available, but I was hoping to find a new barrel without breaking the bank. A used barrel may be more accurate, but it would still be too long/heavy for what I want to use it for, a first .22 for my 6 year old (in the next year or so).

By the time I spend the money on a new barrel, with the smiting to make it fit, I may as well buy a new rifle. There are a couple new options under $175.

If I found a used barrel, and had it shortened, then a new dovetail cut to put the front sight back on, I would still be close to new rifle territory.

There are no aftermarket replacement barrels for a rifle that has not been made in 50 years.
Yeah, it is true they haven't made them for 45 years, but they did make about 1.5 million of the 500 series over 28 years of production, you never know what niche someone will decide to fill. Worth a shot anyway.
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