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Getting SPECS shouldn't be a problem. Switzerland has export restrictions on certain parts, including magazines. Sphinx has new importer here in the US, but I don't know how to contact them. (They are working primarily with the expensive "race guns" that Sphinx builds.)

Having magazines made would probably be way too expensive -- and other magazines can probably be made to work. You may be able to find some Sphinx mag on Gunbroker or similar auction sites.

Most of the small .380 pistols have magazines that are similar, and you may be able to find others that work or could be made to work. CDNN has had Sphinx mags, from time to time -- you just have to watch for them.

You can also take the gun with you to a gun show and try out some of the small magazines there. If the mag fits in the grip and locks in place and drops free when the mag release is pressed, it can probably be made to work. You can tell a lot by taking your mag with you and comparing them, too. The mag notch is a critical concern.

While Sphinx pistols are very fine weapons, I would argue against spending a lot of money (making mags) -- as that is a bottomless pit. There are other small .380 that are quite competent without being so costly.

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