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so the final response was to ban me from the page.

Good luck to the new shooters. Nothing I can say/do about it now, so I am off the hook.

however, being a small business owner is taking priority.
I told Frank in a discussion of this by PM I felt a little bad about you getting mixed into this. I am sure your decision to become involved went something like this:
"You want to come by and have a new shooter try out a few guns? You want to videotape it? Sure, anything I can do to help out." I know you have been generous with your support in the past. Neither you nor Jessica look all that comfortable on video, so I am sure neither of you were too excited about the idea in the first place. If you aren't comfortable in such a situation it is going to affect what you say and how you say it. If you take half the time with your average customer as you did with "Jessica" you are the best shop in Columbus and in the running for the state as far as customer service. I see firearms handling mistakes like that by staff in EVERY gun shop I have ever been in. I have received much worse information from your competitors. I have been outright ignored in several of their shops when there were idle employees. If I had been in a shop and seen this I would not have thought twice about it, but on a video through an organizational distribution channel it won't work. This isn't the same as an individual posting it on their own page. The simple fact is that almost no single person, no matter how much of an expert can make a video like this that isn't riddled with mistakes, especially in a single take. When you see good professional videos I am sure they use three or four very experienced instructors who look over each others segments and critique it, then re-shoot it over and over until they are happy with it.
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