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I started reloading on a Lee Loadmaster in late December of last year, thinking I didn't have the patience for a single stage. Unless I need to really crank 'em out, I now load all of my ammunition on a single stage while priming on the LM. I'm finding it not only more rewarding, but the quality is much better round for round than on the LM. I've seen what a Dillon can do and am sure the Hornady is also a better press (at a higher budget) than Lee's presses.

Everyone has their own opinion, but I will compare mine to this:

When I first started getting into handguns, I bought only auto-loaders because those dang revolvers looked slow and too old timey. After I bought my first 357 and shot it, I thought about how that should have been my first handgun. I'm finding myself realizing that a lot about other things as well now.

I even have one of those special edition Dillon/Lee LM550's, and it does not compare to the single stage to me.
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