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"We had constructed a tactical range and when this particular officer took out the bad guy he cleared his semiauto and held it over his head with the empty magazine in the other hand so that the instructor could see it was clear as he approached the fallen assailant"

I shoot most of the action pistol sports and have never heard of clearing your gun and holding it over your head. This sounds like someone making something up to support his side of the argument.

Competition is not tactical training. How many LEO's or others who receive nothing but sound tactical training, get a chance to really put in some regular, serious, tactical practice, to get the repetitions needed to achieve the needed gun handling and shooting skills that will enable them to use their tactical training to the best of their ability? Not a big percentage I'd be willing to bet.

Shooting accurately, quickly, on the move, awkward positions, using cover, reloading, and clearing malfunctions are tactical skills. You still need to learn how to tactically best conduct traffic stops, searches, clearing rooms and buildings and everything else that is included in tactical training.

Also, there is not just one school of thought on proper tactical training. Different trainers and departments have their own ideas on what is the best course of action in similar scenarios.

Actually, I think there may be some truth to the "competition shooting can get you killed" comment for LEO's that shoot very little. Those that shoot only when required to qualify and aren't familiar with other weapons probably should just stick to what their department teaches them.

Some officers who shoot very little, will come out to a match somewhere, thinking that maybe they could use some more shooting experience. When they see how well some non LEO's shoot, they are sometimes hesitant to join in because they thought by virtue of their training that they are good shooters. Sometimes the "competition shooting will get you killed" is a convenient excuse not to compete in front of everyone else. On the other hand, their are many LEO's who are top level competiton shooters.
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