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Take fired casing with the spent primer still intact, one small piece of regular/cheap/inexpensive aluminum foil( stuff from a dollar store ). The foil needs to be just big enough to cover the head of the used casing with the ends rolled into the extraction groove. Apply foil to casing head and slowly and gently rub the foil til it fits the casing head like a layer of skin. Carefully insert into chamber, gently close bolt. Point weapon in safe direction and fire/pull trigger. Slowly and carefully open bolt with strong hand while catching the casing as it is removed from chamber with your weak hand. Examine casing head/primer area to see if the firing pin hit home. This will work most of the time on rifles, shotguns, and handguns when going to the range or using a bullet trap is not timely or feasable. It works best if you use regular aluminum foil( the cheap stuff ), not the heavy duty tin-foil. Make sure the ends of the foil are fully pressed into the extraction groove or the casing might not chamber completely.....good luck with the FV-12....
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