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New information on Fast & Furious:

Rep. Issa's staffers have been able to review some of the wiretap applications concerning Fast & Furious

"He said six applications for wiretaps obtained by the committee, which have been sealed by a federal judge, detail specific actions taken by agents in Fast and Furious, including “conscious decisions not to interdict weapons that agents knew were illegally purchased by smugglers taking weapons to Mexico.” Mr. Issa said the applications were approved by senior Justice Department officials in March, April, May, June and July of 2010."

Apparently Lanny Breuer signed off on all of them.

These are some of the same documents that had been sought in the subpoena and some of the same documents that Holder had been withholding from the committee. Not sure yet how Issa got his hands on these six applications; but a big development.

CBS News has a story on it as well that doesn't explain the origin of the applications; but apparently Issa has sent Holder a letter saying he has seen the applications and that DOJ jerking him around must stop. The applications are under seal currently, so no public release.

6-page letter that Issa sent to Holder:

Also, according to this interview with Rep. Chaffetz, it appears House Speaker John Boehner sent Eric Holder his own letter asking some very basic questions and giving him a deadline of Memorial Day to respond. DOJ apparently did not even bother answering the questions Boehner sent. Chaffetz speculates that this will embarrass Boehner into pushing forward with contempt. VIDEO:

And for you CSPAN fans, it appears that Eric Holder will testifying before the House Judiciary Committee (not the Oversight Committee) this Thursday:

Thursday, June 7
DOJ Oversight: The House Judiciary Committee will hold a Department of Justice oversight hearing. Attorney General Eric Holder will testify.
( I don't know if there is a set topic.)
Full Committee
9:30 a.m. in the 2141 Rayburn House Office Building

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