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thank you very much for the time invested in helping me with my concerns; it is greatly appreciated!

I am a Texas resident, and so are these particular customers. This is not something I'd want to do on a regular basis, but I have a few customers in particular who are retired, and they're on a fixed income. Older gentlemen around here seem to accumulate firearms, and I would very much like to be able to help them out and do the work they need without busting their bank. These are reputable members of the community, and I have no question of their status as law abiding citizens. I would definitely not be selling or trading these firearms within the foreseeable future. I am what most people would consider to a collector. If some shady character came out of the blue with a trunk full of firearms and wanted to trade, I would assume they're stolen and I would immediately call the Sheriff's department.

Attaining a copy of a driver's license along with a bill of sale would not be an issue at all. I figure that would be a minimum, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't any other inherent steps to taking a firearm in on trade.
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