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Sphinx AT .380 M

This is my first post to the forum, and wanted to see if anyone can help me on this particular gun. I recently acquired a Sphinx AT .380 M, and it was in pretty rough condition, cosmetically that is. It was not properly stored for the last 15+ years, and it ended up getting massive corrosion build up on the slide. Long story short I had slide polished, which turned out great, and isn't fully done yet, so be easy on me. It was purchases for my wife for her to start carrying.
I do have some questions tho and hopefully someone can help, which would be greatly appreciated. Since there is little to no information about these guns, and no replacement parts that I can find.

First off, anyone know where to get magazines from? And will the CZ 82/83 magazines work with this gun?
Where to get parts?

My main problem I am having right now, is the safety on the slide is loose and I am having a very hard time finding a replacement screw. For people who are familiar with this gun, hopefully will know what I am talking about. But there is a set screw, or so it appears, that holds the right side safety lever onto the other safety on other side. The set screw that holds the lever on has started stripping, which made the right side lever very loose. And it's so stripped now I can no longer get a Allen wrench, which I think is the tool used, to be able to remove the screw and replace. I should be able to find a set screw, but don't know.
Can anyone help me with this? Now how to remove a stripped set screw in a very tiny place? Where to get set screw? What size set screw? Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
Here is a pic of the gun
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