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Testing loads at 1100 fps won't hurt anything - if the fired hull will not cycle the action / just cycle it by hand to remove the empty shell ( so you can shoot those shells for games like Trap singles ).

Some gas guns - if they're clean and well lubed --- ( even the old Remington 1100's will cycle loads at 1150 fps ) at least part of the time...but every gun on the market seems to be a little different in terms of how they're setup. Sometimes you can modify the gas system so it operates more reliably on lower velocity loads ...maybe 1100 fps or 1150 fps....but a load at 1200 fps is not considered a "heavy load" by any means. A 1200 fps load a common and "standard" shell ...for a lot of gagues.

Some of the new gas guns - like Browning/Winchester with their Activ Valve system I think they call it ...will supposedly cycle shells at 1150 fps...but I don't know if I'd trust it in a tournament situation ??

My Benelli super sport ( an inertia gun ) will not reliably cycle loads less than 1200 fps ....even if its clean and well lubed / but 1200 fps is just fine ..even though the Benelli manual says the gun will not operate reliably with loads under 1250 fps.....
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