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You go eat it up!

One,if we are going to keep shooting,we need a new gen of gunsmiths to replace the cranky old flatulants that are going blind and dropping dead every day.Now the GreatestGeneration is in Sunset,us Boomers will fade,you may be the only smith in a three state area.

And,if you find a particular specialty,well,there is a gentleman up the Thompson Canyon who doesfine making Sharps Rifles,for example.

Something else to keep in mind,there is a school up in Laramie,Wyoming.Has a heck of a program in building hot rod cars.Yeah,they will teach you about chopping tops and building race motors,and fuel injection,and electronic control systems....

Whether these young folks have lifetime careers building hot rods or not,does not matter.They found a passion to go to school,and through those hot rods,math,engineering,etc gets snuck in on them.

I recall a fine gunsmithing book by Clyde Baker,it might have been "Modern Gunsmithing" from the 30's.

PO Ackley's "Handbooks for Shooters"

Newer books,Venturino's series,"Shooting Buffalo Rifles"and some other "Shooting..."

Magazines,Black Powder Cartridge Rifle ,Ithink..The Accurate Rifle,Precision Shooting...

Oh,and if you have never read "The Old Man and the Boy" by Robert Ruark,do.It will be a part of your well rounded education.
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