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If you have vibration issues there are tacky products that dont harden which work much better than loctite.
Uhhhh. Green Loctite? Green Loctite is a low-strength product that is intended for frequently removed screws. Blue would work well on scope mounts. Red is intended for permanent installations. Black Max...well, you get the idea.
As for correct torqued screws not requiring loctite, the screws on the Three-screw Ruger Blackhawk loosened no matter how tight I set them. Any tighter and I would have snapped them off. Perhaps that is why Ruger changed to Nylon lock screws?
Furthermore, how may gun owners have the proper torque wrench/screwdriver sitting on thier bench. How could the average gun owner apply the proper torque on the gun screws every time he cleans his guns?
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