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Yeah, but think of the pollution!

At least one target shooter was using optics on his handguns, mostly revolvers, over a hundred years ago. He also had a bolt action pistol. So a lot of things we think are the latest and greatest are neither. There was also a minor fad to put telescopes on revolvers back in the 1950s. I can imagine that it might be useful on a K-22 for rabbit hunting. But some experts would have none of it.

I think perhaps one reason there was such a fad in the 1950s was the availability of suitable surplus scopes. The Germans had a low magnification scope intended for use on "designated marksmen" rifles, which they utilized in 1944-1945, not to be confused with higher magnification scopes used on sniper rifles. I don't have any reference material here but the term "ZF," probably followed by numbers sticks in my mind. I also think they were originally mounted (on rifles) with a forward scout rifle style mounting. I wonder if that's where Cooper got his ideas about scope mounting?

On the other hand, adjustable handgun sights were also something that were considered appropriate only for target shooting, along with custom grips, target triggers, target hammers, and so on.
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