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Interesting, 14tpi may be a British threading but it is also a standard sae course thread. 16tpi is most common for bolts 3/8ths and larger but 14tpi is still available and though I can not recall the metric equivalent, I think there is a 10mm bolt with a tread very close to a 14tpi (maybe a 1.25) that would not seem to be wrong when compared to an actual 7/16th x 14tpi. Maybe a hair sloppy, that would be it.

EDIT: According to SAE and the British Standard Whitworth are the same thread design.
Like U.S. threads, three families of threads were developed; a miniature series known as BA or British Association, a coarse thread series known as BSW or British Standard Whitworth and a fine thread series known as BSF or British Standard Fine. The U.S. equivalents would be the Unified Thread System, formally known as the American Standard but renamed in 1949.
1.The SAE number series would be equivalent to the BA series
2.SAE UNC or Unified National Coarse is the counterpart to BSW
3.SAE UNF Unified National Fine is equivalent to BSF.
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