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I have been CPR certified since I was 14 years old, and knock on wood have never had to use it- I came close once. I agree it is something that would be helpful for most people to know, and be trained in, as well as basic first aid.

As to those who suggest that basic first aid cannot help anything lethal, then you have probably never taken a basic first aid class. Thanks to many years taking and teaching first aid, I can provide immediate assisstance to victims of cardiac arrest, gunshot wound, rattlesnake bite, electrocution, seizures, and broken limbs. I may not be able to heal a persons injuries, but basic first aid for life threatening cases is simply designed to keep the person alove until medical professionals arrive.

I do not, however, think it should be a requirement for a drivers license. I think it raises too many concerns about adding hinderences to the DL that might affect different races differently, due to having qualified instructors, where they are located, reading comprehension, etc. Even something that is not explicitly discriminatory can have discriminatory effects.
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