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"At full magnum loads it really loses nothing to the .44 Mag."
Buffalo Bore is the best place to get real world numbers and
I was surprised to see that it is true for the most part.
The .41 mag looks versatile.
"Heavy .41 Magnum Ammo - 265 gr. L.W.N. (1,350 fps/M.E. 1,072 ft. lbs.)"
"Heavy .44 Magnum Ammo - 305 gr.L.B.T.-L.F.N.(1,325fps/M.E.1,189 ft.lbs.)"
I'd say you are right on but they do make a crazy +P+:
"Heavy .44 Magnum +P+ Ammo - 340 gr. L.F.N. - G.C. (1,478 fps/M.E. 1,649 ft. lbs.)"
The .44 Special is less gun - but I still like mine
"Heavy .44 Special Ammo - 255 gr.S.W.C.(Keith-type)G.C.(1,000fps/M.E.566 ft.lbs.)"
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