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I might be on a bit of a crusade about this. And here is why:

From a new shooter:
As a relatively new shooter (9mths, now), I can say this info would have been useful to me. If nothing else it would have put some facts in simple terms, without lots of jargon that I had not yet learnt.
From a very experienced instructor:
In my view as an instructor, that is not sufficient and renders the video completely useless for teaching beginners. When beginners see things like that, they don't know any better and will believe it is acceptable behavior.

SO, what this video is is an informational video, I won't call it training anymore, distributed by an AUTHORITY figure in a 2A rights group to a large number of very inexperienced shooters that some experienced instructors I would easily refer to as experts in the field, say teaches a lot of bad habits(and I agree). Along with incorrect information. My original response to them was the video needed to be revised. The process of multiple versions could be as informative for new shooters as the final product. I have no expectation of anyone getting all that info right without some preparation, but further frustrating is the response of those involved to the criticism. Both continue to stand by EVERYTHING in the video. From the gun handling to the false information.

Come on down, wear a thick coat, sign a waiver and let me shoot you with a 380
Lets remember the audience for the video, and the folks i deal with every day who know next to nothing about what gun they need except for what some friend/relative told them they must have.
The phrase may not have been ideal but the Double Action is heavy because there is no hammer to pull back etc.... remember the audience matters again.
I don't know how that makes anything in the video acceptable.
Ok John. Please feel free to make a video
I also do not know what your background is. Jonathan on the other hand is an instructor with years of experience under his belt. He also constantly seeks to improve/correct his knowledge. He is one of the few people I can rely on only allowing truth and factual information to come out when he opens his mouth. He earned that respect from me because he backs his claims up.
As I said, the phrasing may not have been perfect but fact is a DA only gun (the one i was showing her, so therefore the only one i was talking about at the time) is heavy because you cannot use it in SA mode.
Then some discrediting the people in this thread as I gave them a link so they could see what knowledgeable respected instructors had to say(Frank Ettin and Jim Page). The shop owner claims to have already seen it as he is a member here.

And then the scariest part:
In subsequent videos, we will discuss how to factor concealed carry practicality and recoil management into the equation.
They are making more and they think this is fine how it is.

Docpadds, are you the shop owner?

I really would like a better video to link to if anyone has one. Despite the antagonizing suggestion that I produce my own version, I realize I am not qualified to do so. For starters i know NOTHING about fit beyond shoot 400 rounds through a gun in one range session and you will know if it fits or not.
I linked to coneredcat. I wish it wasn't so pink like a lady smith. Video really might be a worth while update for the site. Most in my generation won't read through pages of information. I personally hate wading through youtube video, but most my age and younger seem to love them.

So yes, I am on a bit of a crusade about what I think is some really bad information being given out by an authority figure in a 2A organization to a bunch of people who won't know they need to find someone with more knowledge to get more detailed/clearer/correct explanations, b/c they assume it to be correct due to the source.
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