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Those guns follow the original Colt SAA pretty closely. The safety notch (which should never be used as a safety when carrying) is quite deep, so that the upper part of the trigger (sear) fits quite a way into it. That is to prevent the trigger from being pulled while in the safety notch. If the trigger is just a tad tight in the notch, it will act just as you describe. If you take the hammer and trigger out, and try to fit the trigger into the notch you will see the problem. More than likely a little work on the trigger with a stone will correct the problem, or just working it might be enough.

The second problem indicates a slight out of time, but it is probably not detectable unless the cylinder is deliberately held back in rotating. If it locks up OK when the gun is cocked normally, it is nothing to worry about.

Ideally, a SAA should not show any drag line before the lead (that sloped cut that leads to the cylinder notch), but some do. If the cylinder bolt is not gouging the cylinder, again it is not a big worry. But if it is digging a hole, that can be corrected by lightening the trigger/bolt spring a little or by replacing it with one of the wire springs on the market.

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