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I'll most likely use a 243 or 223.
Haul both out! If you've got some long range glass available for them- that's even better. After you shoot at them a while, they eventually put two and two together and come up with "Hmm, Loud noise + Esplodin friends = Time to stay in the hole". After you warm up your .223 they'll stay hunkered down at closer ranges and you'll want to stretch out your shots further. Another tip is to never fire all your ammo at the pasture poodles. When you wrap things up- back off the p-dog town and wait to see if any yotes show up for a free happy meal.
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I'm going to use the words "clip" and "Long Colt" every chance I get. It grinds my gears to see new members attacked when we all know dang good and well what's being refered to.
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