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I have a .41 Magnum S&W M57. I started shooting cowboy action a couple of years ago and decided that a single action revolver in .41 would make a good companion to the N frame.

I've never cared for the Ruger Blackhawks with the aluminum grip frame but Ruger used to make a Bisley Blackhawk in stainless steel. I had found some .41s on Gunbroker and a friend of mine who is handgun hunter and a big Ruger Bisley fan offered to let me shoot his .45 Colt Ruger Bisley Blackhawk which is a virtual twin to the .41 version.

When we go to the range he pulled out the .45 but also showed me something new: a Ruger flattop Blackhawk Bisley in .44 Special. I was able to shoot the .45 and the .44 Special back-to-back.

The difference is that the .44 Special is built on the smaller New Vaquero size cylinder and main frame. The .41 and .45 Colt use the larger Blackhawk frame. I liked the feel and balance of the .44 Special much better.

I load hard cast bullets in the .44 Special. I have loaded light loads and recently worked up some 240 grain handloads just under the classic "Skeeter load". I could load up some "Elmer Keith loads" that I'm sure will be plenty warm enough for me.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at a .41 Magnum Ruger Bisley should I come across one at a bargain price but I certainly don't feel undergunned with the .44 Special.
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