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Who can ship reloading gear to N.Ireland ?

I have just bought a Marlin 1894 38/357 magnum.
i am looking for .38sp/.357 reloading stuff i.e, Lee 38/357mag 4 carbide dies, brass, bullets etc
I am wanting to know if anyone knows of a reasonably priced seller/shop who can ship reloading gear to N.Ireland, UK
Prices over here are stupid ! for example the lee deluxe 4 die set for 38/357 magnum is £50, which is roughly $75-$80
I need a set of lee dies,
auto prime shell holder,
case length guage
158gr flat point or hollow point bullets
some .357 brass
There are absolutely no problems or issues with me importing the equipment, as i have bought other caliber dies of ebay before
Or if you are selling up your second hand equipment give me a shout please
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