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Ok, maybe I mis-interpreted your comments...sorry about that...

Browning BPS Hunter model lists for $ 659 ...the link I sent you is off the Browning website...and prices are current / but now there are other models of the BPS ...but even the BPS Trap model only lists at $ 800 a BPS model at $1,000 or more hard to imagine..../ but the BPS model is the only pump shotgun that Browning sells. Even Cabelas doesn't sell the Browning BPS for full list least not in my area.

Browning sells a number of shotguns ...listing at prices well over $ 3,000 their Citori line of guns ...but that's a whole different thing / when you get into "target grade" O/U's. Even the entry level gun in the Citori line the Lightning models - are fine guns / but even used these days, they command at least $ 1,000 and new they're a lot more.

Even though I have a number of expensive shotguns...there is nothing wrong with the BPS Hunter models ( I still have the BPS Hunter models I purchased new in the late 70's early 80's in 12ga and 20ga....) and they've both still very solid guns ...with maybe 300,000 shells thru each of them at this point ...and while today, I use them mostly as training guns for new shooters ....they both lived thru my 2 boys ...and a number of my grandkids.

Here are my pair of BPS's...

The other pump gun - that I consider a classic the Remington 870 Wingmaster ...not the express, etc...but the full blown Wingmaster version of their 870 pump guns...its comparable in quality to the Browning BPS..but its more money these days.

The only other pump gun I would consider personally would be the Benelli Nova...but its more money than the Browning BPS as well....

But we all have budgets....good luck in your search / have some fun with the process ....maybe get out to a club where you might find some of these guns and talk to other owners.
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