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Easy does it big fella.. no reason to get a bit feisty. I looked at my post and didn't see anythng in it that implied I was getting a Weatherby come hell or high water. A discussion is when there is an exchange of ideas and opinions. And frankly I didn't know there was a Browning available that was w/in $ 100 of the Weatherby. My son's was over a grand. So I will check it and thank you for the post.

On a related note if anyone saw the current Outdoor Life, they happen to test rifles and shotguns. Unfortunately they didn't include the Browning. They did give high marks to an Akkar but strangely that was the only 28 gauge in the whole shootout. All the rest were 12 gauge. Out of seven shotguns tested, the Weatherby was the least expensive ( list $ 499 ) and the most expensive a Fabarm XLR5 ( list $ 2885 ) A better test for me at least would have been 7 shotguns under a thousand ( well under ) So while I enjoyed the article I really didn't get a whole lot of info regarding stuff I could afford.
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