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I wouldn't use one. A beginner needs to learn the traditional way before they get the modern way. And the traditional way isn't all that much harder and is more enjoyable to me. I believe a beginner should a regular gun with no extras installed. My first handgun was a Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum. Although the recoil isn't all that bad, it's not the easiest first gun to deal with. Well, I ended up later getting an RG .22lr and love it. I can make a water bottle dance at 25 yards with it. I don't have any special optics or any machine work, just alot of practice. Now when the money allows, I'll get started back with the Blackhawk.

The only way I'd own a scope on a handgun is for long distance shooting or possibly hunting. Many people aren't as good as they think they should be and blame it on the equipment and buy stuff to try to make it easier. Or get alot of expensive work done trying to get the gun to shoot better. But usually all they probably had to do was practice more.
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