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funny, I just did the math on the "average" cost of a trip to the skeet range. Say 5 rounds, plus some 12 ga ammo purchased on sale, and it's real easy to spend $50 a trip. Work in some sporting clays or five stand, and the costs go up. Multiply that by an average of 2 weeks a month (give/take for summer/winter), and it's pretty easy to spend $1,200 a year on ammo and targets.

Sheesh, wish I had done this math when I was looking for an O/U. That would have pushed me to get a XS Skeet
For me to shoot registered sporting, it is $100 per trip - minimum
2-3X per month and $3500 goes quickly - that's without local shooting at the smaller club, or the wife shooting, or any of the big blasts with hotels, etc.......

I am actually looking at the Beretta A400 Xcel Sporting model - even at its newer prices it is still half a basic Browning or Beretta O/U, let alone what a new P or K gun costs
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