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Single action army question

I have an Uberti copy of the single action army that I got recently, and it has some actions issues. I am wondering do they indicate a timing problem or something else?

When you move the hammer to the 1st postion (safety), two things aren't quite right. One, there is no audible click at all. Two, the safety notch does not seem very positive. The hammer typically will go come to a definite stop and you can see the bolt is engaged. However, you can then push on the hammer, and it will move forward maybe 1/32" and then be firmly stopped.

Second issue is with the third hammer position. There is a definite click of the bolt engaging, and you can see it is in the up position. But sometimes, there is still just a bit of play in the cylinder, and if you rotate it slightly forward, you will immediately hear another click, like the bolt was not totally engaged before.

I have shot a couple hundred rounds thru it with no problems. There is only the very faintest drag line forming on the cylinder.

I know how the revolver should work, and I would be OK with polishing internal parts, but I probably wouldn't want to do any more than that. Would it be worth looking at the internals, should I let a gunsmith do it, or is it serious enough to bother with?

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