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it is a little thingy but don't pick on me. Stiill, realizing that you may not be familiar with the finer aspects of "fuzzing barrels" and are thirsty for "fuzzing" knowledge, the label calls it an "oiling mop".

Intentionally cross-contaminating powder... ...really ....???
Now you are picking on me just becaue you can't wear flip flops year around. I said:

This one day in my stupidity, I topped off my Promo by accident with what was left of the Clays.
As stupid as I am, the cross-mixing was not intentional.

It sounds like you have a lot of practice using a strainer. Those seeds can be a bummer. Just kidding. If shot starts to show up in my fresh powder jug I will do as suggested. The trick will be finding something that lets the powder drop but catches the shot.

As for screwing in my brain, screwing it in isn't the problem as long as it doesn't back off. I think it need some lock-tite.

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