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Vicious Italians

I took a look at some 2012 Men's Skeeet Finals on youtube and one thing stood out. (It isn't clear to me which ones they were, but I beleive one was the 2012 International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF) Shotgun World Cup held in Tucson and the other was the ISSF Shotgun World Cup 2012 held in Lonato, Italy.

To me it appears that there are two ISSF world cups and if anyone can explain what is going on, great.

What I noticed, though, was that each game began with introducing the 6 finalists. However, the Italian game also announced the brand of ammo and the model and maker of the gun the shooters used. The Tucson format did not. I beleive two were shooting Perrazis, three were shooting different model Berretas, and one shot a Browning.

Not too far into the finals shoot, the commentators pointed out that a Browning is just not in the same class as the other guns and faintly praised the Norwegian, who I beleive was Jasper Hensen, for making it work. Berreta advertising was plastered on eveyting.
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