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On all of my O/U's ....I grab the forend firmly ...and close it "gently" ...making sure it closes completely.

I do not operate the lever with my thumb ..close the breech - and then release the lever... and I don't "slam" a gun shut ....or whip the barrels up by putting 2 hands on the stock ( like I see a few guys do ) to close the gun .... or release the lever..and grab the gun stock in 2 hands and flop the barrels open either....
Here's are Brownings instructions on the Citori ...but ...I suppose there may be a better way ...

" L o a d i n g
When loading your shotgun Always keep the muzzle pointed
in a safe direction, Always place the “sAFETY” IN THE ON SAFE
position and keep your fingers away from the trigger.
Failure to follow these warnings could result in serious
injury or death.
1 Move the top lever to the right and open the breech.
2 Check the chambers and bores to be certain they are clear
of obstructions.
3 Insert a shell in each chamber, or in the chamber you intend to
fire, and close the breech.
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