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I think it was a comedy of errors and I was the clown. When I first reloaded, I bought a couple of bottles of Clays. This one day in my stupidity, I topped off my Promo by accident with what was left of the Clays. Realizing what I had done, I removed the powder bottle and dumped the stuff on the top into the Clays. Of course I didn't get it all but most of it. Than I dumped what was left in the bottle into the Promo jug holding perhaps one pound of poweder with the idea of diluting any contamination by Clays. I think somewhere in there I managed to get a bunch of shot into that bottle and the pound of promo was contaminated with shot.

If I had the right size seive it would have been easier to filter, but I just picked through each poweder drop by hand until I rarely found a piece of shot. Now I am using a pretty new 7/8 charge bar and a fresh bottle of Promo and no shot is mixed in with the powder drop. I will check it with the 1-1/8 and the 1 ounce charge bars that have some wear.

Meanwhile, I am giving my loading area a thorough cleaning, today. Whatever went wrong, it is likely that poor lighting and a cramped reloading area contributed. I have already received one bene of picking it up. I found the little thingy that hooks on the end of the fuzzy stick and is used for oiling the barrel after a good fuzzing.
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