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Cleaned, (lightly) oiled, and reassembled the bolt.
I just tightened the main bolt at the back end of the bolt all the way.
It sounds like things are working but, since one can't see if the firing pin is:
1. Protruding at all or...
2. Protruding enough.

How can one check?

I know I could see if it will consistenly fire live rounds.
Not advisable in a garage, and was hoping not to lug everything to the range just to see if it works.

All my snap caps have indentations already from dropping the "hammer" prior to storage in the safe.

Can I put something in the primer pocket of an empty brass case like a plastic/styrene rod of the same diameter as the primer pocket. Slice of a set, place a piece in the primer pocket, and see if the firing pin leaves a mark?
Then repeat a few times.
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