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Don't buy the crap about starting with a Progressive as being a mistake.

IMO, not buying a Progressive- if that's what you need- is the mistake.
That is correct, and when some talk about patience they don't mean they want to bypass safety, they don't want to sit at the bench for an hour or two and then shoot that ammo in ten or twenty minutes the next day.

I didn't want to either, it is why I bought a 650 a few days after buying my LCT. (The only SS I own is a Lee hand press, any other is a boat anchor as far as I can tell, unless you want to swage your own bullets)

The only real issue is feeding these presses once you have the gist of it. A press like the 650 is made to order for a comp shooter and can run off 1000 rounds in an hour and a half without trying very hard.
If you aren't in that kind of hurry the H or (even slower) the RCBS will do. If you insist on premium priced stuff.

Strangely enough there are a zillion Load Master and Pro 1000 users out there that make as many rounds as most and they don't have the issues cried about here. That leads me to believe that Lee stuff used in its intended range and speed will likely outlast one as well as a D, or H, or R, or any other brand.
I would suggest, that if you don't know how to, or stay away from changing tires/batteries/oil and filters/head lights, etc etc, a complicated(relatively) press probably isn't for you. You do need to have some mechanical inclination, or you will miss something important, and a mistake on a progressive is multiplied.
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