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Yes, shotguns have gone up in price ...semi-autos, and O/U's, etc - unless they're being made in Turkey or China....

But at the same time ...I think the newer technology in many of the semi-autos has improved as well ...better engineering, some have better quality parts...and I think a lot of the bigger name guns are giving you a lot of gun for the money.

I see price increases as well many of the better handguns too ( like Wilson Combat 1911's, S&W revolvers, etc...) ....and its affecting the pricing in the used handgun markets as well...especially on older models of guns like the S&W revolvers ( which I shoot and collect ).

But remember - the price you pay for another shotgun ( is the least expensive part of this hobby - especially if its a gun you'll have for a long time and shoot 250,000 targets or more with it ....( vs cost of targets per round, reloading components, gas, tournament entry fees, etc ).....
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