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Somehow, I think that even if the sale is "made" before the background check, denial should result in a refund. Shouldn't it?
It does. A friend runs a pawn shop in an...interesting part of town. By charging folks first, he can retain a fee ($30 IIRC) and refund the rest when the buyer is denied. Otherwise, they walk without paying. This can be a huge time sink for some dealers, and they deserve some compensation for their time and efforts.

Reporting the denial to local LEO (or federal) doesn't seem a terrible thing to me. Might just nail a bad guy. At least, there would have to be an investigation.
Actually, if a person who's prohibited for valid reason attempts to buy a firearm, the NICS center will sometimes notify law enforcement. In cases where it's mistaken identity or bad recordkeeping somewhere, I'd rather not put an innocent person under scrutiny, and should the denial get cleared up, it would sour any potential business relationship with that person.
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