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Originally Posted by 44 AMP
Somehow, I think that even if the sale is "made" before the background check, denial should result in a refund. Shouldn't it?

The same situation in our stores would result in a full refund sans a $25.00 incomplete transaction fee + tax + the $5 fee charged by the State of Florida for the background check totaling $31.75.

Originally Posted by 44 AMP
Reporting the denial to local LEO (or federal) doesn't seem a terrible thing to me. Might just nail a bad guy. At least, there would have to be an investigation. And that might just clear a guy who got denied due to a clerical error, as much as bust a guy trying to buy illegally. Or so I would think.
I believe that is the intent of the requirement.

There is an appeals process for mistaken denials.

The dealer will complete their portion of the appeals form and the denied purchaser will follow the directions on the form.

The denied customer has two weeks to initiate their appeal.
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