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I did a search on him after reading the other thread and came up with the most concise, accurate advice on CQB combat. Definitely worth re-sharing (even if he is a felon )

"In order of importance,
1). Attentiveness to Your Surroundings (sometimes difficult)
2). A developed mental/emotional attitude that can go to "animal" faster than the unfolding situation, and a willingness to to be violent (trainable)
3). A strong body that can take stress.
4). Finally, the least important, technical ability in BASIC FIGHTING TECHNIQUES.

Notice that the most important issues are Situational Awareness, and an attitude that is aggressive (not prey). We're all human. If Bruce Lee was ever taken by surprise, he'd go down like anybody else.

If you see a nasty situation developing, you can leave, although sometimes you cannot do that. If you must stay and fight, you must be more violent than the attacker. No one I've ever ever seen has won a fight with a good defense.

The techniques will be very basic and forceful. Three or four punches, three kicks (all below the waist to groin or legs), as well as some maneuvering (don't trip over yourself). Stay off the deck at all costs!

The reason most fights end up on the deck is that people close and lose balance. In police circles its due to the officer "trying to control rather than end the fight". UFC to the contrary, if you go to the deck with one man, his partner will stick an ice-pick in your back, or shoot you when you are "In the Mount".

The problem with most traditional arts is just that, they're arts. They are intended for things other than pure, ugly, dirty, unannounced-by surprise combat. Moreover, they are structured to keep students coming back for years to learn more and more techniques, and kata. It doesn't take twenty years of temple-living to be a warrior. You can learn to fight in a year if you are physically able, and keep yourself in shape.

I'd rather fight a guy who's studied for ten years, in poor physical condition, and never fought anyone for years, than a muscular ex-con with the right attitude!

Finally, if you carry weapons, you must be able to integrate them, and transition back and forth between them and your body weapons.


This was apparently an old argument about fighting styles. Having just recently been attacked by six idiots, I have to agree with everything he said in this post. Read and take note.

My fight started when some big dude took a cheap shot at me and missed, I stepped back, he charged. As he charged I roundhouse kicked him three times in the leg and once in the ribs. He dropped to his knees and lunged at me. I sprawled and got him into guillotine choke. While I'm trying to choke him out, two of his friends start hitting me and kicking me in the back. At this point I freak because I thought I was stabbed, the guy I'm choking out struggles to get up. I get up as well (while his friends are hitting me in the back and head) get him into a half nelson, and ram him into a wall a few feet away. At this point I can feel more people hitting me, I'm getting kicked in the side, so I turn the big guy around and bear hug him, using him as a shield from his friends. Funny enough his friends ended up hitting him more than me . I just held him there digging my chin into his chest (hurts like a bitch, old kickboxing trick) until someone yelled "POLICE !" and it broke up. It was REALLY stupid of me to try and choke this guy out, my head was sore and my hearing was impaired for a couple days because of it. NEVER go to the ground and always be aware of your six o'clock. If your not defending anyone else, hit the SOB as hard as you can and RUN !!! Wish I had...
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