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Fyi she was far from dumb and it was the first time she had ever been in the shop. The whole thing was not scripted, it was spur of the moment and no it was not perfect. The guns were all cleared before being used as they are constantly in the shop.

If it were longer, scripted and done by somebody more used to being on camera I guarantee it would be better. If there had been time it would have been put together better and probably had different things in it.

It certainly is not full on training material, for that the novice should take an actual NRA type class for the full detail level. For that it would be done on a camera that isn't just handheld and would be edited etc, I can see many things I would change.

And Expert is one of those words I have always hated, I am no expert in anything for sure, and could never pertain to be, I never stop learning.

But then this all got discussed elsewhere too but the original poster is on some sort of crusade with this video so will let him have his ball and run with it I guess.
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