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If the video was re-shot what specific changes should be made?
Including the time in the video would be most helpful.

Girl was acting dumb as a box of rocks
Pretty sure she was actually a new shooter. She really just doesn't know much about guns. I would hate it if some of my early cross counter exchanges at gun shops were documented. Like the time I wanted to buy a Walther G22 and they kept handing me a Glock 22. Worked out for me in the end as I would not have liked the Walther G22. Oh, and the time I wanted ammo for my GP100 and left Walmart with a box of 357 sig. That was a good one.

This wasn't scripted or planned as far as I know. Single take straight through, no revision of what was basically a legit gun shop visit. The explanations and comments in the video were just what occurred naturally.
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