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Originally Posted by Huskerguy
I find all of the discussion interesting. I can see all sides of each point of view.

I have loaded on a single stage for several years but by no means consider myself an expert. I feel very comfortable running a thousand or two at a time one step at a time for various calibers.

This past weekend I spend some time with a friend who has a Square D and a 550. I am a very mechanical person but the shear amount of activity that is taking place with a progressive is considerable. I have been considering a progressive for a couple years and had pretty much decided on the LNL with the 650 the choice if money were no issue. However, after this weekend progressive introduction I am not certain a progressive is for me. I like the single product completion and allows me to inspect each step of the way.

But that is me.
It is good that you see through the rhetoric presented here. I urge you to examine and experiment with progressives. My experience with my progressives and calculations as to their benefits to me personally do not apply to everyone. Tripling (or more) your production rate is nothing to dismissed. Nor is the comfort factor ow confidence in your process as you see best to choose it.

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