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I voted no.

Poor gun handling (not properly clearing the handguns and also having them pointed at one each other when being handled) is something I personally don't tolerate.

Add that to an abysmal "explanation" on ballistics and also false information regarding the effects of what each bullet does at "the magic 21 ft. distance" makes actually distinguishing between calibers impossible. If what he said was true I'd only carry a pistol that could shoot the .22short.

Grips shown were antiquated and need to be improved upon. For novice shooters this is very important, what they see in a video is what they'll try to use. Simply subtitling that you changed the grip at the range isn't informative.

The "expert" jumped from gun to gun without actually explaining the benefits of each gun and caliber as well as the drawbacks. He basically railroaded the girl into the 1911 in .45acp. Personally I will ONLY carry a 1911 but that's not the gun for everyone. My wife is now also a 1911 lover but she started out with an LCP then moved on to a S&W MP 9 then a revolver in 38spl. before deciding to go with a 1911 but that was after months of actual shooting and experimenting - a total of just over 1500 rounds actually before she decided to go with a 1911.

My favorite local gun stores all provide better information in a very friendly and informed manner to anyone that asks. I've spent enough time in them to see it first hand. If your lgs isn't friendly and informative then you need to find another lgs.

I wouldn't show novices this video...
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