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Sorry I did not include more on my review .

The gun is very light so it has a bit of recoil . Some say the recoil is about the same as a 12 gauge ,I think thats about right maybe a little more .

The mag was easy to load and worked great .

From carry to cheek ? I did not do any shooting that required me to move the gun from a carry to cheek/shooting position. I did how ever take the last 4 shots of the day standing and holding the rifle free hand . I had a 8" target set up at 100 yards . All 4 shots were on target I guess you can say I shot a 8" group standing .

There is one more important thing I forgot to say . The barrel is completely free floated . Thats good yes and the stock is sturdy enough when holding it but when you set the rifle on the rest on the front part of the stock the barrel will make contact with the sock and is know longer free floating . We just set the rest way up on the stock just under the barrel nut . That seemed to work just fine .
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