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I agree with Lost Sheep (#33) and testuser (44). I am about to get rid of my Lee Pro 1000 and get a turret press due to space limitations in my garage, several calibers and 100-150 round loading sessions. I started with the Pro 1000 and discovered that I like to inspect each round after each step. May be OCD, I don't know, but that's me. Due to my obsession, I use the single stage Lee more often than the progressive. I enjoy the process of reloading rather than trying to crank out a lot of ammo as fast as possible. It is another part of my shooting hobby. I also don't try to shoot up all my ammo as fast as possible.
As for starting with a single stage, you might learn more about what you want in a loader that way and as many others have said they are inexpensive and almost a necessity on a reloading bench no matter what else you have.

My $.02.
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