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I think the stock being broken was just a quick way to show that it was not functional. Sure they could have showed him pull it out of the case and have the barrel be bent or something, but the real point of it was to remove the rifle from the equation.

I think alot of viewers are missing the real point of the movie. It wasn't about man vs wolf. It was a story of men facing their inner demons and coming face to face with what is really important.

In the begining of the movie Liam's character is at the edge of the abyss; his beloved wife has passed and he has basically run to the end of the earth to try and escape the pain. He is struggling with the terms and comes really close to ending his own life. After the plane crashes, he sees that he is the only one that has the knowhow and skillset to get these men to safety. Utimately he fails, but in the effort he sees that it really isn't about IF a man lives or dies. But HOW a man lives or dies.

At least that is what I took away from it.

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