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For everyone who says training goes out the window under stress...true to a point.
checkmyswag, I'd go even further and suggest that the reason why folks train is to ensure their acquired skills DON'T fly out the window under stress. Ever watch a person improvise complex lead guitar licks while holding a conversation? Same thing here.

The problem is that when we learn how to do things the wrong way for a specific situation so well to the point where it is automatic and unconscious (committed to "muscle memory"), that we may end up not being able to act differently when put under stress except to rehearse what we've been trained to do. That could conceivably cost us our life I under certain circumstances which I think DepOne's post so eloquently described.

I don't fool myself. My passion is the sport. If my passion were tactical pistol in real life situations, I'd be a secret agent or ummm at least a cop since we Canadian civilians get into a lot of trouble if we attempt to protect ourselves with firearms anyway.
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