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It would be hard to say for the felt recoil. It is kind of a subjective thing. Though if you started with the starting load, and used a fairly accurate scale to confirm that the loads were fairly close to within +/- 0.1 grains, and within specs of the published data then you should be good to go. Just do not seat shorter than the load data suggest with 9mm this can greatly increase case pressure. 9mm is a very high pressure round. All of my loads that feed and work best in all of my 9mm guns, as well as a few friends guns are longer than the ones in the tested load data. I tried seating as short as they listed, and all but one of my guns had feed issues with them hanging up on the feed ramp.

Telling the load would help. Also if you were using heavier bullets it can increase the perceived recoil impulse a bit. Though with 9mm the loads I use with BE have a .4 grain range from start to max. They feel about like standard WWB for recoil. Though they tend to shoot more consitantly than the WWB considerably. Way fewer fliers in the groups.
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