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Ruger American rifle in 308 review

Took my new 308 Ruger american rifle to the range the other day .I spent $360 on the rifle and $ 60 on the scope . I have a 3-9x40 mil-dot tasco world class scope on it . Its a good scope for the money and worked well . I know now that I will need more magnification for what this rifle can do . We were shooting on a table with a rest and rear bag . At 100 yards the rifle will and did shoot 1 MOA . Ammo used was federal gold metal match 168 gran .A quarter could cover the group . Thats not bad for a $360 rifle not sure you can ask for any more for that price . The trigger was nice . We shot it with the trigger wieght at what ever it came from the factory at . That being said we did notice that if the barrel started to get hot the accuracy droped off . The first two or three shots were bang on and tight groups . I would shoot 3 rounds check the grouping load 3 more shoot check the group load 3 more shoot . The barrel would get a bit hot and the grouping would start to dorp off a bit . If you let it cool down the first 3 shots would be bang on again . Realy thats all you need , 3 shots . You take the first shot at the deer or what ever and maybe a follow up shot or 2 . Go claim your trophy and put the gun away till next year . LOL bottom line is good gun boarder line great . Not sure you can beat it for the price . Savage sells one for around that price but at that price you do not get the accu-trigger . You have to shell out another hundred bucks for that . The trigger on the ruger is nice and is adjustible from 3 to 5 pounds . Again very good gun at a great price . It comes in 4 cal. 270 , 30-06 , 243 . and 308 Go get ya one .

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